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Welcome, we have a site per Currency:

Our Bitcoin Ticker is designed to be a fast and free way to track the BTC prices from the Mt.Gox trading markets in UK Pounds, Euros and US Dollars.

The site is designed to be run either in a web-browser minimised window like this (so you can hide it easily from the boss :-)

bitcoin ticker minimized
Or if you have a large or second screen attached to your PC or laptop, you can extend your Windows desktop and then fill the screen with the ticker.

We have kept the ticker pages as clean and fast loading as possible, with no ads or other clutter to distract you from seeing what the prices are doing.

Here are some features of the site:

  • The site draws data from MtGox server via an API, all behind the scenes but just so you know where the numbers come from
  • The screens refresh automatically every 60 seconds, to show the latest data
  • The charts are from, a well-known Bitcoin Chart site
  • The large number is the last price for each currency. If it turns RED then the prices are trending downwards (a good time to buy)

We may add more features soon.

If you want to continue browsing the web but keep one eye on the prices, keep open in a tab while you surf, the tab has the latest price included so you don’t have to be on the page to see it. As below the second tab shows the price at £42.99

Bitcoin Price shown in tab

Bitcoin Price shown in tab

Use our Contact Form if you have any issues or suggestions.

Happy Trading!

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