How to use Full Screen

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To use our free Bitcoin ticker full screen just press F11 on your computer keyboard. This should maximise the browser to fill your screen plus get rid of the toolbar etc. To get out of full screen mode just press ESC (escape) anytime.

If you want to connect a second screen to your PC or laptop, enable “Windows Extended Desktop” in your graphic card settings under Windows Control Panel. Set the second screen to be individual (not to duplicate your main screen).

Once you have done this your second screen should show your desktop background. Open in your browser, then drap the browser across (to the right usually) to have it appear in your extended desktop.

Press F11 and it should appear full screen on your second screen.

Depending on your browser, go into TOOLS and increase the Zoom level to 150 or 200 % (or whatever looks good on your screen).

This is how ours looks:

BItcoin ticker full screen

BItcoin ticker full screen

If you need any help with this, contact us and we will try to help you.

There is also a link on the page to an Bitcoin Ticker Iphone app, which has a free and paid version, this app has exactly the same look as so the screen layout and data should look familiar when you use both together. It works great for us!

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